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I would recommend Dr. Mulieri to anyone.

I do not participate in any of the social media sites, but wanted to provide feedback for Dr. Mulieri.

I experienced a fall which resulted in a broken hip on November 5, 2019. Surgery was on November 6, 2019 at Danbury Hospital, and that is the date I met Dr. Mulieri. Everyone should be as fortunate as I to have a doctor like him. He has everything anyone would want in a doctor: good bedside manner, compassion, complete description as to the procedure I was scheduled for and confidence that I was definitely in the right place with the right doctor. He told me I would walk, exercise, heal and dance. His patients come first and foremost. He is such an asset to OrthoConnecticut and this amazing group of doctors.

Dr. Mulieri's mission is to provide the best care and restore them to perfect healing. And, for me that is absolutely true.

I would recommend him to anyone. He sets the bar high for that doctor/patient relationship. I am a very happy patient.

Elaine A.