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Last night we went to the ER at 3 in the morning with our son, Liam.

We were advised to find an orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible today.

Liam being helped by OrthoConnecticutWe talked to my dad and my friend Tricia Gogliettino (who is a PT for ortho patients) and both recommended Dr. Lunt. After the office helped me work out some insurance concerns, I was able to make an appointment. I cannot tell you how much it set my mind at ease to know we were with the practice that everyone recommended!

Dr. Lunt has EXCELLENT bedside manner! He was reassuring while also being direct and clear in his assessment of Liam. He answered all my questions and his "chill" demeanor made Liam very comfortable.

Within the first moments of entering the exam room, Dr. Lunt noticed and pointed at my finger (which I broke last fall and had operated on in December) and asked what happened. This was something I had wanted to ask him about...I didn't need to even be cagey or awkward...this guy knows digits and he even noticed mine from across the room! I highly recommend Dr. Lunt and the OrthoConnecticut practice.